Event Description and Cost

The registration for the IEEE Nordic Student and Young Professionals congress is now open!

So lets talk about what the registration fee gets you.

Day 1

The congress gets underway on Friday the 25th of October, 2019. We board the cruise ship Symphony (pictured left) at Stockholm port, and set sail for Helsinki, Finland. The cruise ship was refurbished in January 2019, with the biggest renewals seen in the modern nightclub Starlight, pleasant new Sea View bar in the front of the ship and also fine dining restaurant Bon Vivant which now has a totally new interior. Renovations in cabins, corridors and stairways were also finished during the refurbishment.

On Friday evening we will have introductory talks, followed by a buffet dinner on the Symphony, included in the ticket price. After dinner the attendees are free to explore the entertainment onboard. There are entertainment shows every night, and a selection of shops to visit, including a tax-free shop.


After an eventful day, attendees can retire to their cabins and rest up for the next day. The 4 person cabin (pictured right) is our entry level cabin included in the 1700SEK registration fee. Breakfast will be provided on Saturday morning as part of the fee, before the cruise docks at Helsinki.

Day 2

Helsinki will host day 2 of the congress. We will have talks for a number of companies including Sandvik and Nokia. We will bring you more information about the exciting roster of speakers that we have planned in the coming weeks and months.

We will take you from the Symphony to the University of Helsinki, were we will host our talks. Lunch and coffee breaks will be provided to attendees. After our day of fun and excitement in Helsinki, we are transported back to the Symphony and set sail for Stockholm.

Back on the cruise again and we have some IEEE talks lined up, and our Gala dinner, also included in our registration fee. After dinner attendees are again free to explore the nightlife onboard the cruise ship. The starlight stage will host dance shows, the Promenade will have acrobats, and there will be live music from Jamie Balcanquall in the pub. Attendees will again be provided with breakfast on the Sunday morning as the Symphony arrives in Stockholm.

Day 3

Our day in Stockholm will mirror our day in Helsinki with interesting talks from industry and academic speakers. Again we have a very exciting roster of speakers lined up, and will be releasing more details in the near future. Attendees will be brought from the Symphony to KTH for the talks. After our day in Stockholm, we draw the congress to a close and bring attendees to the accommodation we have booked in Stockholm, which is also included in the registration fee.

Monday morning and participants will check out of the accommodation and have a number of options available. The 14th IEEE Nanotechnology Materials and Device Conference will be held in Stockholm from the 27th to 30th of October in KTH, there are a vast amount of things to see and do in Stockholm, or simply return home and begin to plan for NSYP21


The theme of all our industry and academic talks throughout the 3 day congress will be sustainability. How can we as engineers help to improve sustainability in the products that we design, what are the technologies that will become more important to us throughout our career and what are the considerations we need to take, and how do we implement our engineering solutions in a smarter, more efficient manner.

Registration fees

The following registration fee options are available. The price on the left is for members of IEEE or employees of sponsoring companies. The price on the right is for non IEEE members and non-employees of sponsoring companies.

  • 1700 SEK / 2040 SEK
    • Transport from the airport to the ferry
    • Friday & Saturday night on the ferry including breakfast and dinner buffets, in a 4 person cabin onboard the cruise ship Symphony
    • Transfers to and from Helsinki and Stockholm from the cruise
    • Accommodation in Stockholm on the Sunday night
    • Lunch and coffee breaks during the days in Helsinki and Stockholm
    • Hoodie, goody bag, certificate of participation
    • 3 days of talks, workshops, and networking opportunities,
    • 2 host countries
    • 1 unforgettable experience
  • 2200 SEK / 2640 SEK
    • Everything above, with the exception of staying in a 2 person cabin onboard the Symphony
  • 3250 SEK / 3850 SEK
    • This option is for booking a 1 person cabin onboard the Symphony

So click here to register today and secure your place at the IEEE Nordic Student and Young Professionals Congress 2019.