Carl-Mikael Zetterling, a professor in solid state electronics at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, has agreed to speak at NSYP19! He has been a professor and research area coordinator for integrated devices and circuits at KTH since 1997.

He is leading a large SSF funded project called HOTSiC – High Temperature Power Electronic Systems with SiC Integrated Circuits. The goal is “to boldly go where no electronics has gone before”, showing electronic systems that can operate in extremely harsh environments, including 600 degrees Celsius and high levels of radiation.

His talk entitled “Extreme Environment Electronics for Venus” will focus on research to develop electronics that can withstand harsh environments. The electronics are based on silicon carbide, a semiconducting material that can withstand the extremely harsh climate on Venus.

Leaving aside the obvious gains of advancing the capabilities of electronics, developing electronics capable of operating on Venus has numerous advantageous opportunities. As the climate around us changes, we can learn a lot from modeling and learning from the climates of our neighbouring planets.