We are delighted to announce that Dr. Mehdi Akbarian will be giving a talk entitled “Transportation infrastructure sustainability” at NSYP19.

Mehdi Akbarian is the director of efficient mobility at Einride. Prior to moving to Stockholm, he was a postdoctoral associate in transportation planning at MIT where he received his Master’s and Ph.D.. He focused on modeling the effect of pavement-vehicle interaction (PVI) on vehicle fuel consumption and developed network level economic and environmental assessment tools to optimize budget and project allocations for infrastructure management systems.

Einride is a Swedish transport company based in Stockholm with a focus on sustainability in transportation. The company got its name from the Nordic god Thor and the company’s progress to date has been lightning quick with their self driving electric vehicles already under test at German transportation giant DB Schenker.

Reducing our personal transportation carbon footprint is relatively easy – we can fly less, use public transport, but what about industries that rely on transportation companies. Long distance haulage companies are the blood vessels that keep the heart of industry pumping in most countries, and it is vital to improve sustainability within these services.

This presentation will cover topics related to transportation infrastructure sustainability. These include modeling and validating the impact of pavements on vehicle fuel consumption through pavement-vehicle interaction (PVI), the effect of transportation agency policies on life cycle economic and environmental footprints in California, as well as methods to optimize budget and project allocations for infrastructure management systems.