Virtual Reality Tour

The final day, and another industry trip featuring state of the art technology. This time the participants were treated to a truly out of this world experience, or at least an out of this reality experience.

The industry visit in question was to VGTU „LinkMenų fabrikas“ where the attendees were given a demonstration in virtual reality technology being developed at the facility.

The last dinner

The final act of Nordic SYP 2017 was a well earned dinner and yet another great networking opportunity. Participants were worked hard under the three day event and as the curtains drew to a close on a wonderful conference it was a welcome opportunity to cement friendships fostered under the weekend, and develop plans to work together in the coming months and years.

Nordic SYP 2017, reinforced the principles that the IEEE YP, WIE, and Student sections are built on. Coming together from different nations, sharing experiences earned from unique point of views, and approaching issues as engineers with a mantra of using technology to help advance society. After a well earned rest participants returned home with new colleagues, new ideas, and a renewed passion to drive technology forward.